Europe qualifiers: All the details

Scotland and Wales became the 13th and 14th countries to qualify for the 2023 Netball World Cup following the staging of the Europe qualifiers in Glasgow.

There are only two more countries left to qualify for the showpiece to be held in Cape Town next July, and these will come from the Americas qualification. The 14 qualified team for the tournament so far are: South Africa, Australia, England, Fiji, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Uganda, Wales and Zimbabwe.

Six teams were competing in a round-robin tournament in Glasgow for places available at netball’s pinnacle competition next year. Northern Ireland miss out after finishing in third position.

Five days of netball action came to a close with an intense game between Scotland and Wales. Both teams had already qualified for the World Cup from their previous games, but a dramatic final clash saw Wales win 58-51.

“I think we had a very clear idea of what we needed to improve on from the Commonwealth Games and in about eight weeks they’ve done it, they’ve taken the first step and you saw in that in the performances,” Scotland head coach Tamsin Greenway said.


Wales 78 Isle Of Man 22
Wales 95 Gibraltar 19
Wales 75 Republic Of Ireland 23
Wales 60 Northern Ireland 34
Wales 58 Scotland 51

Northern Ireland 68 Gibraltar 19
Northern Ireland 59 Republic Of Ireland 24

Northern Ireland 61 Isle Of Man 32

Scotland 87 Republic Of Ireland 17
Scotland 82 Isle Of Man 20
Scotland 65 Northern Ireland 38
Scotland 91 Gibraltar 18

Isle Of Man 43 Gibraltar 33
Isle Of Man 54 Republic Or Ireland 43
Republic Of Ireland 50 Gibraltar 36

Final standings: 1 Wales 10 pts, 2 Scotland 8 pts, 3 Northern Ireland 6 pts, 4 Isle Of Man 4 pts, 5 Republic Of Ireland 2 pts, 6 Gibraltar 0 pts.