World Cup History

2019 New Zealand (winners), Australia (runners-up). Liverpool (hosts)

2019 New Zealand (winners), Australia (runners-up). Liverpool (hosts)

New Zealand won the final 52-51
Final placings: 1 New Zealand, 2 Australia, 3 England, 4 South Africa
Top scorer: Tharjini Sivalingham (Sri Lanka)

Australia captured the Netball World Cup for the 11th time, surviving a late fightback from New Zealand to win the final 58-55. The New Zealanders outscored the Australians in each of the last three quarters but were unable to erase a nine-goal deficit from the opening quarter. England easily beat Jamaica 66-44 to win the bronze medal match at Sydney’s SuperDome.

At full time, nothing could separate the two sides at 46-46. It was the first ever final that went into extra time. The scores were dead level at 52-52 in the midway point of extra time. Enter Caitlin Bassett, who shot the winning goal in the last second of extra time, to give Australia a 58-57 victory.

2007 Australia (winners), New Zealand (runners-up). Auckland (hosts)

2003 New Zealand (winners), Australia (runners-up). Kingston (hosts)

1999 Australia (winners), New Zealand (runners-up). Christchurch (hosts)

1995 Australia (winners), South Africa (runners-up). Birmingham (hosts)

1991 Australia (winners), New Zealand (runners-up). Sydney (hosts)

1987 Australia (winners), NZ/Trinidad & Tobago (runners-up). Glasgow (hosts)

1983 Australia (winners), New Zealand (runners-up). Singapore (hosts)

NZ/Australia/Trinidad & Tobago (winners). Port Of Spain (hosts)

The top three sides each won eight of the nine games, each losing once to one of the other two first placed teams. New Zealand defeated Trinidad & Tobago 32-27; Trinidad & Tobago defeated Australia 40-38; and Australia defeated New Zealand 38-36. As there was no other way for the tournament organisers to determine an outright winner, all three teams were declared champions.

Played outdoors in the wind and rain, England defeated the hosts New Zealand 39-38 which put them in contention. However, a 41-36 defeat to Australia made it advantage to the defending champions. The title was eventually decided after Australia drew 34-34 with New Zealand on the final day of the competition.

The tournament was once again played in a round robin format, with a lot of the matches being very close. The hosts drew 34-34 with Trinidad & Tobago, while England narrowly lost by one against Australia and by two against New Zealand. Yet again it was a battle between New Zealand and Australia to become World Champions. A 48-42 victory meant that Australia would regain the trophy.

1967 New Zealand (winners), Australia (runners-up). Perth (hosts)

1963 Australia (winners), England (runners-up). Eastbourne (hosts)

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