#Pivot4Planet: Sustainability at Netball World Cup 2023

Netball is characterised by teamwork, fast footwork, swift changes of direction without losing momentum, defensive and attacking strategies, and – of course – goals. Tackling the climate emergency requires similar skills, across all sectors, including sport.

In response to the climate emergency, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the NWC2023 is committed to hosting a low-carbon tournament that helps to increase resource efficiency and leaves a positive social impact. As such, the event aims to ‘tread lighter’ on the environment while also inspiring everyone involved.

Our aim is to host a low-carbon tournament that helps to increase resource efficiency and leaves a positive social impact.

It is no simple task, so we are guided by the Statement, which has 10 pillars or focus areas in which we strive impact:

GHG emissions reduction
Resource efficiency
Waste management
Sustainable procurement
Sustainable TRASNPORT
Responsible tourism and accommodation
Social impact
Stakeholder engagement
Monitoring and reporting
Positive legacy

For this to work best, we encourage you to #putyourhandsup and #pivot4planet, whether you are a tournament service provider, an athlete, an official or a supporter.

By being considered and purposeful in how we host, participate in and support the NWC2023, we set netball up as a sport that represents our shared values as a society.

An important part of #pivot4planet at NWC2023 is knowing whether the tournament has realised the intentions set out in the sustainability statement. While we will monitor performance in the identified focus areas during the tournament, a full report will be made available after the final whistle has sounded and the cup handed to the winning team.

Read the NWC2023 Sustainability Statement


While we work closely with a range of partners and service providers, you as an individual are equally as important in landing the sustainability goals of the tournament.

Please join us by reading, signing and committing to the NWC2023 Pledge for a sustainable tournament and beyond.

Read the
NWC2023 Pledge

To sign our digital wall, CLICK HERE or go to menti.com and enter code 2358 7681.

Fan Parks and Viewing Areas

Fan Parks and Viewing Areas will take the tournament to supporters across the country! This is another opportunity to #putyourhandsup and #pivot4planet

The Fan Park Greening Guide will assist the organisers around what they need to do, while the supporters are encouraged to sign and commit to the NWC2023 Pledge.
Download the NWC2023 Fan Park Greening Guidelines

What is a low carbon event?

A ‘low-carbon’ event is one designed, organised and executed to reduce GHG emissions.

The carbon footprint needs to be measured, and effort should be made towards offsetting the carbon emissions associated with the event.

Find out more:

Read the NWC2023 Sustainability Statement

Read the NWC2023 pledge. Add your name to the digital wall by clicking the link below.

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